The Tahoe Big Year
Top 5 Leaders per age group
Participant Birds
Jennifer Scott 190
Jeffrey Thor Miller 187
Jared Manninen 184
Jennifer Sweatt 183
Geoff Hanlon 180
Participant Birds
Tobin and Jasper G 123
Benjamin S 112
Jagger E 34
Rowan E 5
Monthly Registration Prize Winners
January Prize Winner:
Richard Madera won Patagonia Swag
Duck Challenge Winner:
Heather Gaburo won a TINS hate + more!
February Prize Winner:
John Havens
Say's Phoebe Finder (Sponsored by Rich Chambers):
Jenny Sweatt
July Target Birds
Sooty Grouse Marbled Godwit Rufous Hummingbird
Each month, a random prize drawing will be held. To be eligible, participants must be a member of TINS and have submitted at least one new species to the Tahoe Big Year website during that month.

Brought to you by the Tahoe Institute for Natural Science, the Tahoe Big Year celebrates the hundreds of bird species that make the Tahoe region their home all year-round, or while passing through to other destinations.

Beginning January 1st, participants will scour the Lake Tahoe region in search of as many species of birds as they can find during 2024. It is important to note that this event is not strictly a competition, but an opportunity for the entire community to learn about and experience the Tahoe region's diverse bird community and rich birding opportunities. We expect that for many participants, of all ages, the Tahoe Big Year will be a gateway into the world of birding itself and create a deeper appreciation of the region's natural history. The event is free and open to anyone, though those who become TINS members (starting at $45/year) will enjoy additional perks during the Tahoe Big Year.

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Tahoe Big Year Prize Partners
We're still working on gathering our complete prize list, but have received generous donations from the following: