The Tahoe Big Year
About TBY

A big year is an informal competition where participants try to see the maximum number of species, typically birds, within a single calendar year and within a specific geographical area. Continent-wide big years take an incredible amount of resources and dedication to pull off, so many choose instead to focus on a much smaller area, e.g. a single state or county. These efforts are far more manageable for the average birder, but still motivate people to get out birding a little more often, to explore that part of the county they have never visited before, and to sneak in a quick visit to their favorite birding spot before work. All of that additional effort uncovers new birding sites, reveals patterns of migration, and creates enthusiasm among the community of birders. In that spirit, we are excited to present the fourth Tahoe Big Year in 2024!

During the Tahoe Big Year (TBY) participating bird enthusiasts, both local and visiting, will attempt to find as many bird species as they can within the TBY boundaries (essentially the Lake Tahoe basin and north through the remaining portion of the Truckee River watershed on the California side) and submit any records of new species on this website. The competition is free and open to anyone, though TINS members will enjoy quite a few additional perks during the Tahoe Big Year. TINS members will be able to join monthly guided TBY tours and are eligible for end of year prizes, monthly random prize drawings, and other benefits and special events. With two categories to compete in, Youth (15 years of age or younger) or Adult, everyone in the family can participate. In January 2025, we will host a special event for TINS members where we will award first, second, and third place winners for each age group to celebrate a full year of enjoying Tahoe's birds.

Please explore the links on this site to learn more about registration, prizes, participation rules, and the TBY boundaries.