TBY Boundaries

To capture the popular and primary birding and residential locations of the greater Tahoe area, while establishing a discrete and easily defined area, AND to conform to the boundaries of the Tahoe Wildflower Big Year and Tahoe Nature Chase, the boundaries for the 2021 Tahoe Big Year are as follows:
  • Within the boundaries of the hydrologic Lake Tahoe Basin
  • Any portion of California within the hydrologic Truckee River watershed.
  • Please note that Boca, Stampede, and Prosser Reservoirs now are WITHIN the boundaries of the Tahoe Big Year.
  • Due to the popularity of both the Pacific Crest Trail and the Tahoe Rim Trail, and the fact that no species are likely to be observed from those trails that cannot readily be found within our boundaries as defined, any birds seen from these trails that fall just outside of the above-defined boundaries will be deemed "close enough."
  • We have incorporated two minor extensions to capture Round Top at Carson Pass and parts of the Mt. Rose Wilderness Area for consistency with the boundaries for the Tahoe Wildflower Big Year and Tahoe Nature Chase.

Tahoe Big Year Boundary Map